Creation residencies

Offered within the framework of the Video Mapping European Center activities.

January > March 2018
Arenberg Creative Mine, Wallers-Arenberg

The Video Mapping Festival is the main event of the Video Mapping European Center, which aims to support the development of the video mapping sector in Europe, and particularly in the Hauts-de-France Region.

The goals of the Video Mapping European Center are:
• Produce reference data in order to have a better understanding of the sector's evolution (economic, artistic, etc.) and encourage research through creation.
• Train young talents and support artists in developing their careers.
• Promote video mapping and the opportunities it offers to potential sponsors.
• Encourage public encounters with video mapping works, develop cultural activities and visual image education around the medium.
• Facilitate the networking of professionals and stakeholders in the sector.

Several actions are organised :
A research effort, carried out with the DeVisu laboratory of the University of Valenciennes.
Training/workshops/educational workshops for various audiences.
Creative and prototyping residencies.
• Events: Video Mapping Contest, Video Mapping Festival.
• Support for professional development in association with a production cooperative.

As part of the Festival, creation residencies bringing together video mapping, animation and digital artists, researchers, etc. are taking place at Arenberg Creative Mine from January to March, with the objective of creating original works that will be screened during the Lille video mapping tour:

Video mapping installation, Ilôt Comtesse
Immersive video mapping, Canal Saint-Pierre
Monument video mapping, Voix du Nord
Micro mapping walk, Rue de Béthune
Video mapping on plants, Place de la République
Immersive video mapping, Palais des Beaux-Arts
Video mapping on a model, L'hybride
Immersive video mapping, Lille Flandres Train Station

 The artists will present their work and will come back to the creation residencies during a meeting at L’hybride, on Saturday, 24th of March, at 2 pm.

Meeting with the artists of the Lille video mapping tour
Saturday, 24th of March, 2 pm > 12 am
L’hybride - 18 rue Gosselet, Lille
Presentation of the works, followed by a cocktail with the artists.
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