Friday 23rd March 2018
8 pm > 1 am – Loop screening
Duration: around 5 min

18 rue Gosselet
59000 Lille

Caution: for some indoor locations the number of people we can let in is limited, a waiting line is thus possible.

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Video mapping on the 3-D model of Arenberg Creative Mine, former mine site registered as a UNESCO World Heritage site, created by the video mapping specialist Donato Maniello / Studio Glowarp, and the anthropologist/archaeologist Valeria Amoretti (Italy) during a 3-week creation residency at Arenberg Creative Mine in February 2018.

This would be an unconventional mapping: the aim of this installation is to valorize the Arenberg mining site through a video projection on a model in scale of the area (1:500). Not only the buildings and their functions, but also the people who worked in the mine, their feelings, their emotions. This installation is halfway between emotionality and didactics: the voices of the last miners of the Arenberg Mine will accompany the user on a journey through history and humanity.

Artists: Donato Maniello / Studio Glowarp, and Valeria Amoretti – /
Sound design: Aleksi Aubry-Carlson


 The artists Donato Maniello and Valeria Amoretti will present their work and will come back to the creation residency during a meeting at L’hybride, on Saturday 24th of March, at 3 pm.

Meeting with the artists of the Lille video mapping tour
Saturday 24th March 2018 – 2 pm > 12 am
L’hybride – 18 rue Gosselet, Lille
Presentation of the works, followed by a cocktail with the artists
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Video mapping created for the Video Mapping Festival organised by Rencontres Audiovisuelles, as part of the Video Mapping European Center residencies.

With the support of the European Union, the ERDF programme (Europe is committed to the Hauts-de-France Region through the European Regional Development Fund), the Hauts-de-France Region, the Urban Community of La Porte du Hainaut, the DeVisu laboratory of the University of Valenciennes and Hainaut-Cambrésis, Arenberg Creative Mine and the City of Wallers-Arenberg.





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